7 Sure Ways to Start Living Your Best Life

The number 7 radiates at a highly spiritual vibration. There are 7 days in a week, 7 continents and seas on Earth, and 7 chakras that govern the body. As explained on “Avatar The Last Airbender” (Season 2, Episode 19), energy flows through our bodies like water flows through a creek. There are several pools […]

Chromatica Review

Deemed the Queen of Pop by many, Lady Gaga has been making waves for over a decade with her eccentric and boisterous persona and music. Gaga is an ally for the people who feel the most discarded by society.  “I want to help people…. I don’t wanna just take your money and sing for you. […]

Chocolate Women Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

It’s no secret that dark-skinned women experience more discrimination in the music industry compared to their light-skinned counterparts. Just take a look at the most popular Black female artists and you will see that a majority of them are disproportionately light-skinned. This year, a rapper by the name of Asian Doll aka Asian Da Brat […]

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Hi, I’m Azhia (Asia). Previously an elementary school teacher, I became a freelance writer in 2020. I spend most of my time listening to music, reading, writing, dancing, and chatting with my friends. This blog serves as an outlet for my love of music and sharing my favorite topics with you all. Enjoy!

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