Release Toxic Energy Now!: Practical and Spiritual Solutions to Releasing What No Longer Serves You

The Lotus flower is sacred in Buddhist and Hindu faiths because of it’s phenomenal ability to grow and thrive under less than ideal conditions. The Lotus grows in the murkiest, muddiest of waters. It knows how to filter through the gunk in order to retrieve its sustenance. We are called to be good students of the Lotus flower and understand that we need to overcome our circumstances, just as the Lotus grows out of the mud and towards the sun. We, like the Lotus, can prevail through our pain and reach enlightenment. In order to do so, we must release all that no longer serves us. Continue reading to “innerstand” how you can release toxicity from your being and your space.

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Shift Your Mindset

“The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” — Michelangelo

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey discusses the idea of shifting your paradigm as a way to achieve personal and professional success. Paradigm is the way you see the world. Ask yourself this question: Do I see my glass as half empty or half full? Yes, you’ve heard this cliche of a question a million times. And you should hear it a million more times until it sinks in and becomes your reality. By positively shifting your mindset, you will change the way you think. When you change the way you think, you will change the way you see. When you change the way you see, you change the way you react to the world around you. That is growth, my friend. Also, go read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it’ll change your life!


Sage is a ceremonial cleansing and purifying herb. Burning it in your space clears negative energy and attracts positive energy. You can purchase sage and other smudging herbs at your local African, metaphysical, or aromatherapy shop. Check out these black owned businesses on to purchase sage online: 

These Black-Owned Businesses Will Cleanse Your Sacred Space

Some products may not be available, but don’t let that stop you from perusing the sites. #suppportblackbusinesses

Not sure about how to use sage? posted a beautiful video on the importance of smudging and how to do so. Check it out: Smudging

In addition, here are some Mantras you can recite while smudging, compliments of MAMAWUNDERBAR.COM: 

“Cleanse this space, remove the past. Fill this place with joy and love.”

“Negative energy may not stay. I release it and send it on its way.”

“Positive feelings alone come near, all others wither and disappear.”

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Cleanse Your Body, Mind, & Soul


Way #1: Cleanse your body by going on a fast or detox

I recently just completed a week long cleanse where I abstained from meat (easy because I’m a vegetarian🌱), eggs, dairy, refined sugar, and mind altering substances .  Examples of things you can detox from are: sweets, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, sex, social media, and television. Choose a specific, realistic amount of time to abstain from engaging with said item. Hide it from yourself if you have to. Sometimes the sight of something can entice us to want it. 

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Way #2: Take a spiritual bath

You can add things to your bath like epsom salt, essential oils, healing crystals, and flower petals to make it more relaxing and aid in healing. More about crystals will be discussed further into the article . For now, here’s more information and recipes for you to try at home.

Simple & Soothing Herbal Bath Soak Recipes.

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Way #3: Exercise or dance 

The exercise you choose can be as strenuous or as moderate as you want it to be, just get that heart pumping! This allows your blood and aura (spiritual energy) to circulate. 


You are primarily composed of water. According to the United States Geological Survey,

Water serves a number of essential functions to keep us all going

  • A vital nutrient to the life of every cell, acts first as a building material.
  • It regulates our internal body temperature by sweating and respiration
  • The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream;
  • It assists in flushing waste mainly through urination
  • acts as a shock absorber for brain, spinal cord, and fetus
  • forms saliva
  • lubricates joints

So, drink up! You can tell if your body is hydrated by conducting a pee assessment. If your urine is dark yellow you are dehydrated! If your urine is light yellow or colorless, you’re receiving an adequate amount of liquids. Good job. 

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Way #1: Meditate 

(“One thing about your demons they bound to catch up one day/ I’d rather see you stand up and face ‘em than run away/ I understand this message is not the coolest to say/ but if you down to try it, I know of a better way/ Meditate” -J.Cole, FRIENDS feat. kiLL edward, KOD)  

Meditation is a great way to get in touch with yourself and your environment. Need help? Check out this video 10-Minute Guided Meditation for Beginners to Clear Thoughts . Thanks, Jessamyn. #blackgirlsrock

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Way #2: Read Self-Help/ Motivational Books

Go cuddle up with a book underneath a shaded tree. Here are a couple of works from my personal read list.

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by Adrienne Maree Brown

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (not motivational but good for healing)

At home sweet home with my books!


Way #1: Journal- Get those thoughts out of you and onto paper. Writing about what distresses you increases your white blood cell count, reduces depression and anxiety, and gives you many more positive outcomes.  If you’re interested in learning more about writing for healing, check out this amazing TED Talk given by Sue Reynolds, an award winning novelist and poet Writing Our Way Out of Trouble. And don’t forget to keep your journal put away in a safe place in order to maintain privacy.

Way #2: Create Art- Make encouraging signs and put them in your windows. Draw, color, paint, sculpt, build, photograph, write a poem, song, or story. The possibilities are endless. 

Way #3: Let Go of the Past- Unless you have a time machine, changing the past is not an option. Make peace with your past and move forward. And remember, taking care of your mental health is sexy! Go to a therapist, if need be. 

Use Healing Crystals

Here is a list of crystals that help to balance your chakras. Don’t know what chakras are? Go read my article 7 Sure Ways to Start Living Your Best Life to find out. All of this crystal information comes from one of my favorite reference books A Little Bit of Auras: An Introduction To Energy Fields by Cassandra Eason. 

Root- Blood agate, fire opal, heliotrope, garnet, jasper, meteorite, obsidian, red aventurine, red tigereye, ruby. 

Sacral- silver, moonstone, mother-of-pearl, opal, and selenite

Solar Plexus- calcite, chrysoberyl, lemon chrysoprase, citrine, jasper, rutilated quartz, and yellow topaz 

Heart- Amazonite, aventurine, chrysoprase, emerald, fluorite, jade, malachite, moss agate, peridot, and tourmaline 

Throat- Aqua aura, angelite, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, blue quartz, celestite, cobalt aura, kyanite, iolite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, topaz, and turquoise. 

Third Eye- amethyst, ametrine, fluorite, kunzite, sodalite, super seven, and tanzanite

Crown- Charoite, lepidolite, purpurite, purple spinel, sugilite, titanium aura, and violan. 

Photo compliments of Siri healing crystals

Pray/ Chant/ Recite Mantras

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This is a space for those who want to reach enlightenment. Whether you call yourself a Buddhist, Christian, Agnostic matters least. What matters most is that we are connecting with Source in order to bring peace and happiness into the world. Connect to source by calling on your angels, Spirit, God, your higher self, etc. Spending time in nature is also a way to become connected.

Get yourself in a positive mind-frame everyday, preferably first thing in the morning, or before you leave the house. Say a prayer, recite a mantra, or chant. Focus on gratitude, appreciation, protection, and abundance. I’ve vowed not to leave my house without chanting first, even if five minutes is all I have. That’s just enough time for Gongyo

This is not an exhaustive list of resources but it’s a great start. Each one of these topics can be its own individual article. If you are interested in hearing more about a particular topic, please let me know.

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11 thoughts on “Release Toxic Energy Now!: Practical and Spiritual Solutions to Releasing What No Longer Serves You

  1. Wonderful! Loved it!!! I also 💕 your book reading selections 🥰 I’ve read 2 of the 5. I’m going to read the others! Plus I have to get some sage too! Have a wonderful and blessed day!!


  2. I love this post! Thank you for all of the suggestions— I want to take on several and already plan on upping my next bath experience 🙂


    1. You’re more than welcome, Gia! Glad my words could help. Thanks for reading. Oh, and let us know how the bath went! 🙌🏿


  3. So I finally got to get into this and it really spoke to my soul! It fed my desire for continuous self love and inner peace! The links were amazing and I plan on reading it again to engage and fully utilize the resources you linked us to. It was amazing! I did the 10 minutes meditation and dosed off🥴 Anyway I forwarded to a few friends and they absolutely loved it! Thank you, this is beautifully written and I appreciate that it caters to the needs of black women. Love you😘😘😘


    1. Hi La’Tanya! Thanks for sharing my work. I’m so happy that these words and tips could fill your soul with inner peace and self love. That’s the goal 😉 💕


  4. I am so here for this. This was a great read for a Monday! Personally, quarantine has taken an underlying toll on me that I don’t really notice until triggered by a subconscious thought or feeling. Also, living in a new city and trying to acquire the drive I have been searching for, literally all my life, has been difficult.
    I will do my best to write in a journal and jot down my thoughts as a way to release some of that tension and stress that is created by none other than myself.
    Thank you, Sis!


    1. DeMario! I understand you on so many of those points, especially when you mentioned living in a new city. We are not living under normal circumstances with the pandemic looming but we will make it through. Now is a time to evolve and grow. I believe in you. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate you 💕


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