Mercury Retrograde: What the hell is that?

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Does your life feel like it’s crumbling into little pieces right in front of you? Is your technology acting up? Are you experiencing combative energy out of the blue?  Well, you have full permission to blame those mishaps on the Mercury Retrograde. I know what you’re thinking, What the hell is that? 

Essentially, Mercury Retrograde is a time where the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards. It’s not, but this illusionary rotation is important to know about because Mercury is the ruler of communication. Named after the Roman deity, Mercurius, messenger of the Gods, Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 timers per year. During these times, information becomes skewed and communication issues are at an all time high. Troubles with technology arise, making you want to toss your phone or laptop straight out the window. And don’t even think about planning that fun weekend trip with your pals. Instead, stay home and try redecorating your space. Already made plans to travel weeks ago? Still go. Just be extra careful. Keep yourself balanced and present so you can handle issues accordingly. Need help staying balanced? Check out my article 7 Sure Ways to Start Living Your Best Life for some tips 😉.

Mercury retrograde is a testing period jam-packed with lessons sure to sharpen your sword of discernment and aid you in cutting all of the bullshit out of your life. You may experience debilitating “tower moments” where it feels like the rug is pulled out from under you. Everything feels out of your control.  Don’t fret. This is just the universe removing anything not built on a firm foundation. 

The Tower card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. This card symbolizes a sudden, shocking upheaval or change. Yes, this card looks scary as hell and can even feel that way when you’re going through it. But, it’s the universe’s way of re-aligning you on your path. Thanks Universe!

Mercury Retrograde is not a time to mentally check out or place important decisions in the hands of others. Remember, you can only control yourself. You decide how you respond; so during the retrograde: be patient, slow to anger, and hold off on making important decisions. 

It’s baffling that such a tiny planet can pack such a major punch. Being the closest planet to the sun, there always seems to be chaos afoot when Mercury shows up. Yet and still, not all aspects of the Mercury Retrograde are bad. They are wonderful times to revisit anything left undone. Are there any old projects or skills you let fall by the wayside? Pick them back up and see what happens. Speaking of revisiting, Mercury Retrograde may bring back another dreaded matter: your ex. 

Don't let no retrograde trick you into missing me. 

“No Band Aid.” Jp4

An ex flame could potentially come back attempting to give it another go. Don’t make your decision in the moment. Take in the information and sit on it until the dust settles just to make sure this illusionary energy is not getting the best of both of you.

Retrogrades are the ideal time for us to go inward and work on ourselves.  Who knows, there could be a beautiful payoff waiting for you just like a rainbow at the end of a thunderstorm. 

Let me know how the retrograde is treating you. Drop a comment below! 

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6 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: What the hell is that?

  1. Love this article! Thanks for the guidance and, honestly, I’m grateful for the time/opportunity to cut (more) of the bullshit out!


  2. I loved how you used storytelling to break down a complicated subject like the retrograde! This article is hilarious, informative but simple. I can’t wait to see what you write next!✨💛🔥🔥


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Khadijah! I’m so happy you liked it 😜 If you’d like to see me cover a specific topic, please let me know. Also, make sure you signed up with your email so you can stay up to date on all future posts!


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