Happy Birthday, ICEY Cream QUEEN!

You already know ya girl got a playlist for this occasion. Go listen to “Happy Birthday, Icey!!!” right now on Spotify 🧁 🍨

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Wassup, Everybody!!

ICEY Cream QUEEN has turned 1 year old! This has been such an amazing and trying journey, to say the least. The birth of this website was the beginning of me stepping out of my comfort zone. I transformed from a girl who wrote in secret for years to a woman who started to believe in herself. I have so many ideas percolating in my mind: novels, articles, short stories. Sometimes I fear that I won’t get them all out. But then I remind myself to be present. Everyday is a new opportunity for me to work on my art, whether it be for 5 minutes or multiple hours.

I would personally like to thank my close circle for encouraging me. Also, to anyone who has ever supported by reading, posting comments, and/or sharing my work; I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

Icey Cream Queen is not just a place for me to express myself; it’s also a place for like-minded individuals to connect. So don’t be afraid to drop a comment. Fear holds us back from so much already. 

Again, thanks for going on this journey. Let’s see where it takes me. 


Published by A.S. Long

Just a regular girl sharing her thoughts on the music she loves and the things she believes in!

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