Chocolate Women Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now Pt 2!

I been gone for a minute…

Lawd knows, I love my Black women. Here’s another selection of dark-skinned beauties you should be listening to, right now! No seriously, go listen to them right now!


When you have Erykah Badu regularly showing up on your IG posts, you know you’re doing something right! Junglepussy’s sound is just as fierce as her scorpionic persona. The New York City rapper’s personality is likened to that of a venus fly trap: captivating, mysterious, and a little bit scary. But what else could we expect from someone born on Halloween!

Jp’s braggadocious bars promote holistic living like eating healthy, ridding yourself of toxic people, and prioritizing self-love. Did I mention, Junglepussy takes no shit! She has a poetic way of reading you while showing off her delicate femininity. Jp teeters on that fine line between fearlessness and vulnerability. She’s uninhibited and elegant. What captivates me about Junglepussy is her unyielding desire to be herself. In a 2014 interview with Isis Madrid titled ‘Loving Yourself’: The Philosophy of JunglePussy, Jp remained candid in her responses.

“I can’t do some fake shit.” 

“I’m gonna only be able to give them myself. That’s all I have. Everyday. That’s all I have in abundance. That’s all I can give them. I’m like, all right, let me be myself and see what happens. So I feel like by me being myself I was able to send a message to other people to be themselves too and not feel like they have to be a certain way to be cool and accepted.” 

And cool she is! Jp’s Instagram stays lit with edgy fashion statements and ferocious hairdos. She stays reminding the girls that dark-skinned black women can rock any color of hair. Most importantly, she keeps us asking ourselves  ‘Who’s gonna love you better than yourself?’ If you’re feeling adventurous, take a dive into the deep waters of Junglepussy’s universe. You’ll be sure to emerge with a treasure or two. 

My faves:

Jp4 (on Vinyl)

-“Trader Joe”, Jp3

-“Dear Diary”, Pregnant with Success 

-“Satisfaction Guaranteed”, Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Junglepussy YouTube Junglepussy Spotify  Junglepussy Apple Music

Tierra Whack

Photo compliments of Instagram

I credit YouTuber and music critic, Anthony Fantano for putting me on to Tierra Whack with his review of her 2018 LP Whack World. Every song on Whack World is 59 seconds, just long enough for you to catch a glimpse of her genius and leave you feigning for more.

One word to define Tierra Whack: DYNAMIC! Experiencing Whack’s art feels like riding on your favorite roller coaster. She knows just how to push the envelop with her outlandish visuals and lyrics which are reminiscent of Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott. 

Tierra Whack rides her own wave, relying solely on her talent. I challenge you to think of another successful artist with no features on their catalog… I’ll wait. 

This Philly jawn is an all-out entertainer. She raps, sings, and writes. You can catch her swooning on her R&B-inspired track “Flea Market” and mumble rapping on “Mumbo Jumbo”, a song she recorded after having a tooth pulled. Whack’s unique image is layered throughout everything she does. Follow her on Instagram to gain access to her killer freestyles. Trust me, you have nothing to lose from listening to a woman who’s garnered co-signs from TechN9ne, Remy Ma, and Beyoncé! 

Dora Whack World GIF by Tierra Whack - Find & Share on GIPHY
“Dora” music video

Check out Tierra Whack’s collaboration with LEGO: Rebuild the World 

My Faves:

– “Clones”, single

-“Dora”, single

-“Peppers and Onions”, single 

-“Fuck Off”, Whack World

Tierra Whack YouTube

Tierra Whack Spotify 

Tierra Whack Apple Music

Tiffany Gouché

Photo compliments of Instagram

Reppin’ Inglewood “The Wood” California, Tiffany Gouché is a powerhouse vocalist, writer, and musician who has garnered an extensive resume writing for music heavy hitters such as Joe, Usher, Pussycat Dolls, and Jill Scott. She has also produced tracks for Missy Elliott, Lalah Hathaway, and SiR (her cousin and TDE label mate of Kendrick Lamar). With musical talent running through her family and a long list of industry cosigns, Tiffany Gouché brings a new flavor to R&B. Her sultry, vulnerable lyrics promote love and lends its voice to queer Black women all over. 

In a 2016 interview with Joe Kay (founder of the Los Angeles-based music label Soulection), Tiffany says she discovered her singing voice at the age of 9 years old but admits that she didn’t like her voice because “it sounded different” and she thought she “sounded like a guy”. Love for her heavy contralto voice came after hearing singers like Tracy Chapman and Lalah Hathaway. By age 18, Tiffany was finally ready to take her music seriously; and thank goodness she did! She has toured with JMSN and Little Simz; as well as done collaborations with Terrace Martin, Masego, and D Smoke (also her cousin). We see you, Tiffany! 

2021 proved to be a year of wins for Gouché. She was featured on producer J. Period’s single “All in Your Head” alongside legends Dave Chappelle and Black Thought from The Roots. “All in Your Head” was performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which aired on May 12 (S8 E141). Also on May 12, Gouché announced that her music catalogue was available on every streaming platform! Did I mention, sis owns her masters! 

My Faves:

-“Slow It Down”, Fantasy

“Red Rum Melody”, Pillow Talk

-“Good Girl feat. Masego”, single 

-“Dive”, single 

Tiffany Gouché YouTubeTiffany Gouché Spotify

Tiffany Gouché Apple Music

Do you have a beloved cocoa-skinned, female artist playing in your music rotation? If so, put me on! These artists deserve our attention because the industry is constantly trying to starve them. Colorism is a sickness that plagues not only the entertainment industry, but the world. Help to dismantle colorism by challenging your own viewpoints of what makes a person beautiful or valuable. Stand up to those who spew hatred and be the one that spreads love.

“When you teach a [wo]man to hate [her] lips, the lips that God gave [her], the shape of the nose that God gave [her], the texture of the hair that God gave [her], the color of the skin that God gave [her], you’ve committed the worst crime that a race of people can commit. 

-Malcolm X

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12 thoughts on “Chocolate Women Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now Pt 2!

  1. Oh, I loved this!! This article felt like I was traveling to different music planets learning more about these beautiful Coco Women. Loved the last quote about colorism, and Malcolm. Keep them coming sis!✨💛


    1. Khadijah, thanks for coming through! I loved your “music planets” analogy 😍🪐. I think it’s important that I bring awareness to great talent as well as issues that need to be healed. Also, let us know what artist invigorated you!


  2. I haven’t heard of Tiffany Gouché or Tierra Whack! I’m looking forward to checking out all these artists! Thanks for putting me onto some new music. I love the call to action we might not be able to change the whole world but we can change our piece of it.❤️🙌


  3. I’ll definitely check them all out. I can’t believe I’ve only heard of 1 of the ladies. Thanks for putting us on. I will definitely come back to let you know my faves!!!


  4. This was dope! Who I had not heard of JunglePussy, I can see how each of these women represent an array of individualism, self love , and artistry. I love TW and TG. Love their confidence.


    1. Thanks for sliding through, Asia! I hope you give Junglepussy a listen. Let us know what your favorite song was by her. And, I agree. All these women exude confidence in an industry that’s constantly trying to tell them otherwise. So proud of our black women 💕


  5. Dope article Sis! Thanks for putting me up on some new artists – also check out Mumu Fresh, Sa Roc & of course, Rapsody


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