Full Moon Healing: Bag Ladies No More

“Bag lady you gon hurt your back/  Draggin’ all them bags like that!”

Leave it up to Erykah Badu to have you feeling equally appreciated and called out. A stroll down Mama’s Gun memory lane left me feeling both vulnerable and introspective. Just when I’d healed one aspect of myself, here came another vying for my attention. Badu’s raw lyrics pierced right through me like a skewer.  

“I guess nobody ever told you/ All you must hold onto/ Is you, is you, is you” 

hip hop squares intuition GIF by VH1
Thanks Giphy!

Badu’s ‘00 masterpiece poetically put into words my disappointment, envy, worry, self-confidence, hopes for the future, and lessons learned. By the end of the second to last song, Time’s A Wastin’, I was in tears reminiscing on how I’d slipped back into old habits: 

  • Ruminating on negative thoughts when I should’ve been sleeping 
  • Having great ideas with no action behind them
  • Stalking Perusing my old flame’s social media 
  • Worrying over a quickly dwindling bank account 
  • Putting other people’s opinions of myself over my own 

Does any of this sound like you? Actions such as the former keep us trapped in negative cycles; and the stresses of everyday life make us forget that we require healing. Healing is a vital part of our existence. Muscles heal after workouts. Flesh heals after lacerations. Moreover, we need to assist our hearts and souls with healing after emotional and spiritual battles. Luckily, we have a powerful celestial being present to aid us in the process: The Moon. 

Sleep By The Sea All Night With The Full Moon And Relaxing Sparkling Waves  on Zavival Beach, 11 Hrs - YouTube

Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the Moon controls the Earth’s ocean tides with its gravitational force. The Moon has also been credited with influencing other activities such as fertility, behavior, and emotions. Historically, the Moon has served as a guiding light for indigenous people, such as the Algonquin tribe, who used lunar cycles to track time and seasons. At the peak of its illumination, a Full Moon symbolizes a time for release. In the spirit of self-love, self-care, and all that other good stuff, I want to share a few ways in which you can benefit from the Full Moon’s energy, restore balance, and release what no longer serves you.

1: Discover what zodiac sign the moon is in.

The zodiac sign serves as a compass to help direct your energy. For example, if the Full Moon is in Aquarius (an air sign), your focus would be best utilized on activities that rest and heal the mind. Each zodiac sign is ruled by an element (Earth, fire, water, air). The element tells you the area of focus.

Earth 🌍 (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Embrace Practicality + Goals
-Declutter/ Deep clean your space
-Donate or give to charity
-Get outside/ Connect with nature
-Cross things off your to-do list
Air 🌬 (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Mentality + Gain Knowledge 
-Research a topic
-Meditate or chant
-Create Art
Water 🌊 (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Emotional Balance + Connection w/Others
-Spend time with loved ones
-Spend time alone doing what you like
-Take a nap
-Do water exercises
Fire 🔥 (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Igniting Passion + Taking Action 
-Dance! Move your body!
-Show compassion for self & others
-Re-visit a hobby you love 
-Write down your mission

Light a candle or incense and say thank you to the universe for being your ally. Don’t forget to include a prayer for those who came before you. If you think your life is hard just look back at what your ancestors endured.  

prayer GIF
Thanks Giphy!

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.”  


The merging of your inner and outer selves happens when you give the present moment your fullest attention. 

“What the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now.”

-Eckhart Tolle 
Photo from Ishka.com

Wearing crystals on your person can promote positive energy flow. Crystals have the ability to shield you from negative energy as well as dispel it from your body and mind. Recharge them during Full Moons to keep their energy fields clear.

Pretty simple, huh! For more healing tips, check out my article Release Toxic Energy Now! Let me know in the comments how these tips worked out for you or share any of your go-to rituals. 

July’s Full ‘Buck’ Moon is also helping to usher in Leo Season! Make it Hot [in my Megan the Stallion voice] with my King of the Jungle inspired playlist “Wild Side 🦁 🔥” available on Spotify & Apple Music!!!

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18 thoughts on “Full Moon Healing: Bag Ladies No More

  1. Love love love this. I needed this one today. The healing space that Im moving in, I believe I have moments of being unclear of what that actually requires of me. I promote healing in my business but hadn’t been doing the real work in real life. I’m grateful for creatives and spiritual beings like yourself who don’t mind being vulnerable, allowing me to see things differently or to relate in some way. Ase’


    1. Hey Asia! I appreciate you for being open to a new perspective. Keep up the great job healing the community and yourself! Thanks for always stopping by, family 🙏🏿.


  2. I love it. I wondered what was up this weekend I spent my time in a cabin but at the end of the day I was so mentally drained. I had such a great time and I look forward to having some quiet time thanks for the great advice.


  3. I might need to revisit Mama’s Gun as well. Thank you for reminding me to get back into hobbies I enjoy. 🔥


  4. I love this! I’ve been struggling with some things lately and this helps put them into perspective. Thanks for the wonderful tips!


  5. I love all of this! Yes to the Badu Wisdom…She speaks to my soul, too! Thank you for the moon info! That chart for each element was so helpful, I’ll definitely be coming back to this article for the next full moon!


  6. It has been so easy in these days to fall into all the mental traps! This has been a very busy and stressful season for me and was so grateful to spend a quiet day, with my husband, by the water. We read, and listened to music, and napped, and let the sun kiss our faces. I feel like a new person today, ready to take on all the mundane, stressful challenges that were bringing me down last week. I love when someone, like the wonderful YOU, helps me connect the external dots to the internal dots. To be totally extra – we spent much of the day discussing the moon and the tides as the tide was way out while we were at our beach. Thank you for this lovely and affirming article delivered at just the right time!


    1. Wow, Jenn! You were totally in tune with the universe even when you were stressed! Look at how you knew to rest and read; not to mention, you went to the beach and noticed the tides and the moon 🌊🌝 😱!! I appreciate you for sharing. Looking forward to your future comments 👋🏿


  7. LOVE IT.💖
    YAAAAAS! It’s beautiful how music can open us to our own truths. So dope! Thank u for sharing your vulnerability & wisdom you opened up to.

    I am diggin the style of your voice & how you are relating to your audience!

    I am definitely inspired & encouraged!


    1. Thank you, Melissa! That’s also a testament to the healing power of music 🎵✨!! Speaking of, take a listen to the accompanying playlist. Would love your opinion.


  8. This was so amazing, Az! Man! It really gave me a refocus and clarity on how the Moon can help me clear and shift my energy to the most important things. I loved the Badu reference because we all have felt that weight, and this article is a great resource and reminder on how to let that go. Great job, sis, and the playlist is fire! I’m going to share this with friends!


    1. I knew you would appreciate the Erykah Badu breakdown. Thanks for being a supportive friend, Khadijah! I appreciate you sharing the work. You know I love you, sis 💕 Don’t forget to like the playlist on Apple Music and Spotify 🙌🏿


  9. Love this post! Thank for your reflection on this time and for pointing us all towards creative and positive directions.


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