Who Hurt You?: Take Back Your Power with Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the conscious choice to release feelings of resentment. It is the key to finding peace and taking back your power. When we forgive, we do it for ourselves. Not for others. Forgiveness is a gift you bestow upon yourself.

Chocolate Women Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now Pt 2!

I been gone for a minute… Lawd knows, I love my Black women. Here’s another selection of dark-skinned beauties you should be listening to, right now! No seriously, go listen to them right now! Junglepussy When you have Erykah Badu regularly showing up on your IG posts, you know you’re doing something right! Junglepussy’s soundContinue reading “Chocolate Women Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now Pt 2!”

Happy Birthday, ICEY Cream QUEEN!

You already know ya girl got a playlist for this occasion. Go listen to “Happy Birthday, Icey!!!” right now on Spotify 🧁 🍨 Follow me at @aslong Wassup, Everybody!! ICEY Cream QUEEN has turned 1 year old! This has been such an amazing and trying journey, to say the least. The birth of this websiteContinue reading “Happy Birthday, ICEY Cream QUEEN!”

Mercury Retrograde: What the hell is that?

Photo: ADOBE. Does your life feel like it’s crumbling into little pieces right in front of you? Is your technology acting up? Are you experiencing combative energy out of the blue?  Well, you have full permission to blame those mishaps on the Mercury Retrograde. I know what you’re thinking, What the hell is that?  Essentially, MercuryContinue reading “Mercury Retrograde: What the hell is that?”

Release Toxic Energy Now!: Practical and Spiritual Solutions to Releasing What No Longer Serves You

The Lotus flower is sacred in Buddhist and Hindu faiths because of it’s phenomenal ability to grow and thrive under less than ideal conditions. The Lotus grows in the murkiest, muddiest of waters. It knows how to filter through the gunk in order to retrieve its sustenance. We are called to be good students ofContinue reading “Release Toxic Energy Now!: Practical and Spiritual Solutions to Releasing What No Longer Serves You”

7 Sure Ways to Start Living Your Best Life

The number 7 radiates at a highly spiritual vibration. There are 7 days in a week, 7 continents and seas on Earth, and 7 chakras that govern the body. As explained on “Avatar The Last Airbender” (Season 2, Episode 19), energy flows through our bodies like water flows through a creek. There are several poolsContinue reading “7 Sure Ways to Start Living Your Best Life”

Chromatica Review

Deemed the Queen of Pop by many, Lady Gaga has been making waves for over a decade with her eccentric and boisterous persona and music. Gaga is an ally for the people who feel the most discarded by society.  “I want to help people…. I don’t wanna just take your money and sing for you.Continue reading “Chromatica Review”